The app for taking 360-degree photos with just a mobile phone

PARIS, FRANCE — October 14, 2016 — Over the past five months, Photonomie has become a 360 phenomenon app with more than 800k users across the world. That's why we have decided to change its identity to FOV (Field of View), which is shorter and meaningful.

FOV is a unique mobile technology capable of creating immersive pictures in a few seconds, without expensive cameras. It's faster than Google Street View and all the other apps. FOV lets you capture pictures up to 360° and immediately share with friends and family. They can use their phones to pan within the image to see the whole place.

FOV is the only 360 app that lets you share pictures via iMessages, Messenger, WhatsApp or on Facebook 360.

FOV is also an incredible way to discover beautiful places across the world. Let’s jump in Paris, New-York and magical landscapes captured by FOV users and our team.

Photos have been rectangular and static for 130 years, but smartphone are changing the standards. FOV lets you share your memories as you see it, from top to bottom. We are convinced that everyone will find static photos as frustrating as silent movies in the near future.

Arnaud Jardin, Co-founder and CEO


Inspired by the algorithms embedded in NASA's Mars rover “Opportunity” which uses a real-time 360 stitching solution, the founders decided to create an everyday version. The resulting technology is the culmination of more than a year of intense research and development. Like Opportunity's, the 3D stitching is 100% native and doesn't rely on a connection or cloud. Creating a FOV picture can be done anywhere without the need for a connection. As soon it is back in range, the picture can be shared.

Pricing and Availability

FOV on the App Store
FOV is 100% free.
Minimum requirement : iPhone 4S or newer / iOS 9 or newer. Android version coming soon.

About us

FOV® is a licensed product of SIXIEME ETAGE, a French family startup creating computer vision stuff for mobile phones.

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